FOMO: The fear of missing out.

Meet Alicia!

At the beginning of July, Alicia reached out to me in a very touching & exciting Facebook message. It’s been a few years since we have had any contact (she was my coach in Fine Arts), and the last thing I had heard about her was that she was a part of The World Race. She went on to tell me that at a camp a few years ago the Lord called her to write, and He has recently been making that calling alive in her heart again. And wow, what a gift God has given her! Not with just this post, but many others over at What she has written has hit me personally in my heart, and her many other posts have continued to touch my heart as well! It’s an honor to be a part of housing her posts at The Well & I pray God blesses her in her obedience and you all with these words of life & truth!

•    •    •    •    •

Do you suffer from FOMO? Are you upset if you don’t get invited somewhere? Do you get embarrassed when people are talking about the latest new thing and you’re clueless? Do you worry that you’ve “missed” the mark in your walk with God? Do you stress about what you’re supposed to do tomorrow? Five years from now? Your life?

I just turned 26. The only significance of this age is knowing that I’m no longer able to be insured through my parents. How fun. *Insert side glance, not impressed emoji here.*

If I were to have a conversation with my ten-year-old self she’d ask how life as an oceanographer was treating me. She would ask me to tell her about how I became the basketball AND softball superstar. She would ask me about my hot husband and also ask about our kids because obviously I was married by now with children. She’d probably be upset that I barely made it past five foot.

What would your ten-year-old self expect you to look like? What were your dreams? What would your younger self say to you about your current life status?

This post isn’t a reminder about regrets, about the things you did or didn’t do. This post isn’t about wishing we could tell our past self how to do things differently.

This post IS about acknowledging how different our life panned out versus how we thought it would go. This post IS an effort to help you get over FOMO.

I’m not an oceanographer. I quit basketball in high school and quit softball in college. I’m single with no children. When I look back on my life so far, I am thankful. By the grace of God I have followed Him obediently (well most of the time). I am thankful for every season I’ve gone through—the waiting seasons, preparation season… I’m thankful for the failures, the mistakes, and the heartaches.


“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  –Romans 8:28

He holds your past, present, and future in His hands. If you’re anything like me, you constantly dwell on, “What’s next?” You worry about what you are called to do and worry that you’re in the wrong place or wasting time.

Friend, I am here to tell you to let go!

Set down your need for security, set down your futures, set down your uncertainties.

Set down your own security as if you can get enough “whatever” to make your life secure, as if you could even have enough apart from God. All earthly things could be gone in a moment. God is our security.

Obedience is the ONE thing God is asking you to carry.

Ask God what He wants you to do today, just today. “Not tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough troubles of its own” (Matthew 6:34). How can you be obedient to Him today? Here’s a hint:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might… Love your neighbor as yourself.” -Mark 12:29-31

That’s the greatest commandment in case you didn’t know, the whole law is summed up by that commandment.

Focus on this day. Love God, love others. What’s even more freeing of a thought is knowing that God is love and He gives us the gift to love Him back and love others. It’s not even from our own strength we have to do these things.

Know that if you are obedient to Him each day, if you love Him and love others each day, He will guide your steps. Then when you look back on your life sixteen years from now you’ll be blown away by the amazing story of your life! You won’t have missed out on what He has for you.

Wake up, be loved, BE love, repeat!

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