The Well:

Hi friends! My name is Taylor, and I’m the primary writer for The Well.  I won’t talk much about who I am in this portion of the blog because this is not a blog about me. I would like to share with you, though, that I was called into ministry in August of 2016 & I believe God has put it on my heart to start The Well. I’m so looking forward to beginning this exciting new season of my own personal challenge of writing outside my comfort zone, challenging others to share their own stories & LOTS of openness that’s not always a part of an every day conversation!

Let’s do life together!

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I recently learned from a book of Mark Batterson’s that in ancient times wells were a natural/social gathering place much like coffee shops, parks, and anywhere else that’s trending today. I was inspired by that fact, and I have a passion for the church AND the community. I desire for the two to cross paths, just as Mark Batterson did in his book, and I believe God has put it on my heart that starting a social media “well” is one way that can certainly happen. I’m inviting YOU to my well so that you may be encouraged, laugh, cry, and celebrate life with me through Jesus, His word, trials, and testimonies not just from me, BUT from many others too!

[In addition to my posts, each month I’ll be asking different people to come & be a part of The Well by writing their very own blog post of what God is doing in their life! If you’re interested in getting involved & writing a post as well, definitely contact me. I’d love to get in touch with others too!]

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Please feel free to ask questions, give encouragement too, and pray along side me & other writers on the blog for what the Lord wants to do through The Well & their personal stories. It is all for His glory to be made known & to do life with others!